Segue I, Segue II

GNIEW, POLAND — Segue I and Segue II are sculptures created at the 13th century Teutonic Castle of Gniew, Poland, the first in the town’s history. High on the plateau overlooking the Vistula River Valley, they mark a connection between Gniew and Malbork, another Teutonic castle in the distance. They are primitive surveyor instruments and a solemn reminder of the old-growth forest that once stretched across the valley, and Europe at large. With vistas aligned, fortified neighbors share histories with a sense of quiet absence.

They reverberate. The wind blows over the plateau and through layers of knocking wood. The thumping sound subtly travels over the valley. Over 450 years ago the same wood was used for Gdańsk housing foundations along the Baltic shoreline. The Archeology Museum of GdańskGniew Castle, and the NOTORO International Art Symposium generously donated to this project. Presented by NOTORO and Zamek Gniewie, Gniew, Poland.