One Day Four Hours

POTSDAM, GERMANY — On a vacant East German military base, One Day Four Hours occupies a dilapidated Potsdam Officer’s Casino. Assembled relics whisper of post-WWII strife over property ownership Perseverance, Coal Pendulum, Bureaucratic Muros, and Tug of War all show struggling interpretations of regional history between East and West Germany and the later reunification.

In a larger sense, this work questions humanity, its place in time and the consequences of its actions.

‘One Day Four Hours’ is the exhibition time frame and the reported burn time of the building. Being publicly forbidden viewers cautiously entered between security guard shifts with a one-hour advanced notice. Presented by Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin Germany.

Panel Circumspect is an archive of One Day Four Hours. Distressed panels encapsulate 11 photographs in this limited edition artist’s book.